My Career Page

My Career Page

Student View of My Career Page

From the Career Explorer menu in the top navigation bar, select My Career Page.

At first, the page displays empty information fields related to various career exploration activities. 

Personalize your page by selecting the Edit pencil button.

From the Edit window, choose your:
  1. Graduation Year
  2. Favorite Cluster
  3. Career Page Color
  4. Avatar

As you complete your Career Page, you'll notice your To-do List automatically updates. Strive for 100% Complete!

Share your Career Page with your teacher by selecting the Share button.  You can also Print your page.

Take your Interests Matcher, Values Matcher, and Cluster Matcher to see your results.  Select the Explore buttons or the underlined results to see detailed explanations and explore careers.
Check out these articles to learn more: Interests Matcher, Values Matcher, Cluster Matcher.

Suggested Careers combines your results from Interests Matcher and Values Matcher with your chosen Favorite Cluster to identify careers that align with your interest. 

Scroll the carousel to see your results, and refresh your Career Page to see new suggested careers.

Keep in mind, you select your Favorite Cluster in the Edit menu; it is not tied to your results from the Cluster Matcher.  Feel free to edit your Favorite Cluster as often as you want to see different Suggested Careers.

Saved Careers is where you can view all of your careers that you've previously saved. 

Save a career by selecting the bookmark icon on a Career Details page.

After you've saved at least two careers, use the Career Comparison tool to compare different aspects of them.

Teacher View of Shared Career Pages

Check out this article to learn more about Shared Career Pages.

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