Managing a Class Roster

Managing a Class Roster

Navigating to a Class Roster

Students can be added or removed from a class through the Class Roster.  To view a class roster, open the class and click the click the Class roster button.

Viewing Enrolled Students

Students that have joined the class are displayed under Enrolled Students. 

Use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate the roster pages if you have many students enrolled in the class. To search for a specific student, use Filter students. Download a copy of your roster with the Download CSV button.

Adding or Inviting Students to a Class

A student can be added to a class using the class invite code.  Copy the class invite code.  Then, share the code with students. 

Students will sign in to their account, select Join a Class from the Home page or Classes page, and enter the invite code.

After a student joins the class, the class tile appears on the student's Classes and the student’s information is added to the class roster under Enrolled Students. 

Removing a Student from a Class

To remove a student from the class, find the student under Enrolled Students in the class roster. Click Remove next to the student's name. 

Confirm the action of removing the student from the class by clicking Remove. The student name will no longer on the class roster and the student will not have access to the class.

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