Submitting Answers on a Digital Lesson

Submitting Answers on a Digital Lesson

Submitting Answers (Student)

To submit answers at any time during the activity, select Submit from the player menu. 

To submit answers at the end of the activity, navigate to the last question and click the Submit button.

An activity overview will display any flagged, unattempted, or partially attempted questions.  If desired, select a question number to return to a question. When the activity is ready to be submitted to the teacher for a score, click Submit

Unanswered Questions Message

If there are unanswered questions, the student will be given the option to return to the activity, or continue submitting. 

Success Message

To confirm the answers have been submitted, the student will receive a success message.

Viewing Answers (Teacher)

In the Teacher Edition, teachers can view the answers and additional teacher notes in blue above each question. 

The correct answer to the above question has been concealed in this article image.
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